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New Elfbeads Everchanges

We are absolutely loving Elfbeads New Flowertwig Everchanges.  So far we have seen a wide variety of colors and many styles with glitter.  In addition to the Flowertwig style (raised flower design on top of the bead), faceted styles were also made, most featuring glitter and an internal color with clear glass overlay.  

Elfbeads Everchange Collage

The shape and size has been very consistent, measuring roughly 11-12mm in both length and width.  Personally, I have worn them on both a bracelet and the star bangle.  They look great on both carriers and even loaded up on a bracelet are shockingly comfortable and not too heavy.  Since they are only slightly larger in height than normal glass beads, they mix very well with the traditional glass beads shape.   

Elfbeads Everchanges

As with all Elfbeads, Everchanges are included in the buy 4 get 1 free special. 

What do you think of these new beads?  We would like to see your designs - please send them to and you may be featured on our page!