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Meet the Designers

Daniela Troll

Daniela lives in the south of Germany and works as a mechanical engineer in research and development. She enjoys being creative in other fields like arts and design for recreation and has also done music all her life. Being asked, how these things go well together, she answers: “Being a scientist, an engineer, I am thinking very rationally and logically, relying on the laws of physics and mathematics – but you cannot find new solutions or develop new products without being creative. Being a musician, an artist, a designer, I love to express my feelings, to follow my intuition, to see other people feeling the same when hearing my music or looking at my pictures – but you cannot play a piece of music well without understanding the principles of the tune and you cannot design a bead without rationally considering its feasibility. Everything is linked in my mind and I believe that one thing is essential: If you wish to be excellent at anything, you have to be passionate about it.”

Paul Krans

Paul Was born in the northern part of the Netherlands. With a singing and acting mom and a painting and photographing dad, it was no wonder that he ended up becoming a Designer. His photography and designs were quickly recognized by the market and he soon worked full-time as a Designer and Photographer for a client base ranging from worldwide companies to boutique style local shops. His main passion is and always has been nature and he still balances a hectic city life with his rural background. Nowadays Paul’s attention goes into designing jewelry. He loves playing with an idea in his mind until the final shape is exactly how he likes it. After finishing a Goldsmith course in the summer of 2013, he now feels ready to realize his ideas. It is no wonder his inspiration comes from life itself as he states: “All life is beautiful when you finally understand its meaning and learn to see it for what it is”.

Suzanne Slotboom

Suzanne (1984) lives in a small village in the Netherlands with her beautiful daughter Mila. After discovering that she wouldn’t be able to teach forever, Suzanne started looking around for a more suitable career. She soon found a new passion in her life that would bring her much happiness: lampworking. Once she starting to play with glass it got under her skin and never let her go. “I read about glass, dream about it and play with it. I love the way the colors develop while working in the flame. The amazing dept you create while building the layers always inspires me to create even more and different designs!”

Nowadays, after years and years of practice, Suzanne spends a lot of time in her own studio and is able to create the most amazing little treasures by torching glass rods. Playing, she and her daughter call it, but the results are far beyond that: beautiful colors combined with amazing new techniques result in endless possibilities.